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Milbemax All Wormer for Dogs

From $7.99 to $21.99

Milbemax All Wormer for Dogs

Milbemax for dogs is a broad spectrum intestinal wormer. If given monthly, it also offers prevention against heartworm. Milbemax for dogs protects against roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and tapeworm.


See specifications for dosage and administration information.

Milbemax All Wormer for DogsSKU: NAH6291
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Milbemax for dogs comes in two tablet formations.

Milbemax tablets for small dogs and puppies (0.5-5kg):

  • 2.5mg milbemycin oxime (dose range 0.5-5mg/kg)
  • 25mg praziquantel (dose range 5-50mg/kg)

Weight & Dosage

0.5-1kg – ½ tablet

>1-5kg – 1 tablet


Milbemax tablets for dogs (5-25kg):

12.5mg milbemycin oxime (dose range 0.5-2.5mg/kg)

125mg praziquantel (dose range 5-25mg/kg)

Weight & Dosage

>5-25kg - 1 tablet

>25-50kg – 2 tablets

>50kg – A combination of tablets should be given, consistent with the recommended minimum dose


Milbemax for dogs can be used in males and females from 2 weeks of age and onwards, and from 0.5kg in bodyweight. Treatment is by mouth, and the labelled dose rate is recommended. The minimum dose is 0.5mg milbemycin oxime and 5mg praziquantel per kilogram of bodyweight.